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With over 35 years in the hairdressing business, which includes salon ownership in London, 10 years of upper level management in both business and education with the Aveda Corporation in NYC, continual inspiring education, and many miles of international travel, Kathy has settled into doing what she loves most - building sustained relationship with her clients.

Pair this with her love of yoga philosophy, asana practice, mythology and self-inquiry, and what you have is an amazing journey into bringing the innate inner beauty bubbling up to the surface.

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Whether working with her clients New York City, or at her private studio in Virginia, both in hairdressing and yoga, the relationship is key.

Through providing personal service to her clients, Kathy continues to be amazed and inspired. Come along….tell her your story.

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Kathy teaches and practices alignment-based yoga rooted in its most fundamental definition: to yoke together body, mind, and spirit.

As explained by Rasa Yoga founder Sianna Sherman, the “Mandala” of yoga includes:

•    sādhanā (spiritual practice)
•    mantra (spiritual sound)
•    mudrā (sacred symbol)
•    āsana (postures)
•    prānāyāma (breath regulation)
•    dhyana (meditation)
•    darshana (philosophical view)
•    upāya (skillful methodology)


Kathy’s studio is about relaxation, privacy, and the discovery of your personal expression of outer style.  Kathy’s goal is to translate your desires into what works for you, your hair, and your lifestyle. Lives change, feelings change, and as a result, how we want to look changes. Kathy helps you to transform your look based on who you are today.



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The only lasting beauty is the beauty of the heart.
— Rumi


Kathy pursues an unbounded life. She has spent time all over the world, and continues to travel  in order to learn about other cultures and traditions. Currently based in Williamsburg, Virginia, she makes a monthly sojourn to New York, reconnecting with hair clients, taking yoga and meditation workshops, and offering service a meditation retreat site.

Her home studios in Virginia are inviting, eclectic and calm... a joining of her dual passions linked by her desire to help her guests discover and unlock the joy and bliss that resides within them. While challenging her clients to embrace their inner beauty in her yoga classes, Kathy helps them celebrate their outer beauty in the salon. As within, so without.

She is a certified Anusara yoga teacher (e-RYT200, e-RYT500 & YACEP), and completed her 300-hour advanced Rasa yoga certification with Sianna Sherman in November 2017.

She also has more than 30-years of hairdressing experience. After studying with Toni & Guy in London, Kathy moved to New York City and worked as both the director of the Aveda flagship store and team leader of the Aveda Cosmetology/Esthiology Institute.




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